Strand Testing


It is important to perform a strand test if you have never used this product before. We recommend you do this 2 days before full application. Allowing the 2 days will give your test patch time to settle and reflect the true result.

Please see our strand testing tips at the bottom of this page.



  • Use some hair from your hair brush for testing. Gather enough hair so the results can be seen clearly. You can collect some hair from your hair brush and use this or have someone help you test a patch on the underside of your hair. Make sure it is somewhere that can be hidden should you decide not to go ahead with the full colour application.

  • Use enough powder to make a paste that will cover the test patch thoroughly (see above for instructions)

  • Time your test patch so you know how long you left it for. That will make it easy for you when it comes time to colour your hair.

  • After doing your strand test wait 2 to 3 days before applying to your whole head of hair. This will allow time for the colour to fully oxidise and reveal a more accurate final result.

  • If you are unsure leave the colour on for a shorter amount of time. 30 to 45mins will give less colour than 2 to 3 hours. Another TIP: If you do your strand testing you can do 2 test patches, one with the shorter amount of time and the other with a longer amount of time. Put each sample in a separate zip lock bag and mark/label clearly.


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