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We have always been contributors but have never really shouted about it because we think it is something we should all do as members of the global community. Recently we decided to start sharing what it is we do to spread the love, not just in person but online too. 

If you have any causes that are close to your heart and would like to work with us please reach out.

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This project works to reclaim & rehabilitate rain forest areas in the North East of Australia.

The reclaiming of land through buybacks is the best and most efficient way to ensure our native rain forests remain untouched and are not consumed by development & agriculture. Currently they are working hard to save pockets of the Daintree Rain forest which is one of the oldest rain forests on the planet.


They also work together with the Orangutan Information Centre in Sumatra. We love the fact they support our neighbouring countries that need assistance & support.

Desert Shadow donates monthly to support this amazing organisation save our habitat. If you would like ot read more about this cause please click on the Rain forest 4 logo to the right or to donate please click the donate now button where you will be taken to the Rainforest 4 website.



Rainforest 4 foundation
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